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The Magento 2 Multi Vendor Extension transforms your Magento 2 store into a full-fledged online marketplace, allowing multiple sellers to operate within it. Sellers can independently handle their product details, stock, orders, shipments, profile pages, and collections. They have the flexibility to add various product types such as simple, configurable, virtual, and downloadable. Additionally, there’s a corresponding Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Mobile App available for Android and iOS devices. Notably, this extension is designed to work seamlessly with the Hyva Theme. It enables a collaborative online shopping experience with various sellers contributing to the marketplace’s product offerings. Available at e-startups Kenya.


Unlock Seamless eCommerce Collaboration with Our Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento 2 – Available at e-Startups Kenya!


Transform your Magento 2 store into a dynamic and lucrative online marketplace with our cutting-edge Marketplace Multi Vendor Module. Elevate your eCommerce business by allowing multiple vendors to seamlessly list, manage, and sell their products on your platform. Available exclusively at e-Startups Kenya, our feature-rich module is designed to optimize your marketplace experience while boosting revenue and fostering collaboration among vendors.

Key Features:

Effortless Vendor Onboarding:
Streamline the vendor registration process with our user-friendly interface, allowing sellers to easily join your marketplace. Provide a seamless onboarding experience with intuitive forms and step-by-step guidance.

Centralized Product Management:
Empower vendors to independently manage their product listings, inventory, and orders. Our module integrates seamlessly with Magento 2, ensuring a cohesive and efficient workflow for both administrators and vendors.

Flexible Commission System:
Customize commission structures based on product categories, vendor tiers, or specific promotions. This flexibility allows you to incentivize vendors and optimize your revenue streams while fostering healthy competition among sellers.

Robust Order Management:
Enable vendors to efficiently process and fulfill orders with our integrated order management system. Keep track of shipments, manage returns, and maintain a transparent communication channel between vendors and customers.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting:
Gain valuable insights into your marketplace’s performance with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. Monitor sales trends, track vendor performance, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the overall efficiency of your eCommerce platform.

Responsive Vendor Dashboard:
Provide vendors with a dedicated and intuitive dashboard, allowing them to monitor their sales, track payments, and analyze customer feedback. A user-friendly interface enhances vendor satisfaction and encourages long-term collaboration.

Unlock the full potential of your Magento 2 store by incorporating our Marketplace Multi Vendor Module, exclusively available at e-Startups Kenya. Take a bold step towards creating a thriving online marketplace, fostering collaboration among vendors, and maximizing your eCommerce success. Get started today and revolutionize the way you do business in the digital landscape!


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